Who We Are:

In January 2010, Kevin Reynolds and Anthony Householder formed Reynolds Strategy Group, LLC, (“RSG”), a public affairs company that represents clients before the legislative and executive branches of Connecticut’s state government and its municipalities. RSG offers a strong sense of how the institutions of Connecticut government operate and what drives its politics. In 2013, Brenda Sisco, former Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (“OPM”) under Governor M. Jodi Rell, joined RSG as a principal. The lobbyists at RSG enjoy a deep understanding of what strategies work in this state, how to implement those strategies and a real passion to achieve its clients’ objectives. Put simply, the fight facing the client and the goal of that client become RSG’s fight and RSG’s goal.

RSG’s mission is to provide representation to clients in pursuing their specific objectives with decision makers throughout Connecticut’s government. RSG will proactively guide clients through the often intimidating maze of the legislative and regulatory processes, proposing and implementing creative solutions. RSG’s knowledge of the inner workings of government and its ability to communicate directly and effectively with decision makers ensures that its clients’ voices are heard.

Reynolds and Householder developed their sharp understanding of policy and politics and their mutual importance through their years leading the government affairs practice at the venerable Connecticut law firm Updike Kelly & Spellacy while Sisco served as Governor John G. Rowland’s Legislative Director and Governor Rell’s, before be appointed Commissioner of Administrative Services and then Secretary of OPM. The RSG's objective is to help its clients solve their problems and to enhance their reputations with policymakers.

Lobby administrative agencies
Develop constituent or grassroots support
Organize and coordinate coalitions or groups with shared interests;
Develop and coordinate overall legislative strategy, tactics, and advocacy
Drafting legislation, proposed regulations, and testimony
Preparing witnesses for hearings and testifying on behalf of clients before legislative committees
Analyzing legislative proposals and monitoring legislative activities
Assisting with compliance with the state ethics laws and state election law